Bryant 20% Supplement Tub

Bryant Grain’s 20% Supplement tub is an all-natural 20% poured supplement designed to conveniently deliver necessary nutrients to cattle consuming medium to low quality forage.

Following a 7 to 10 day acclimation period, average consumption should be 1 to 2 pounds per head per day for mature cattle with unrestricted forage supplies.  Position the blocks 50 to 75 feet from loafing, feeding and watering areas. Some repositioning of blocks may be necessary as animals become acclimated to the presence of the blocks. Move blocks closer to increase consumption; further away to decrease consumption.  If over-consumption occurs for more than two weeks and repositioning of blocks does not correct the situation, remove blocks and evaluate the overall feeding program.  DO NOT ALLOW STARVED ANIMALS FREE ACCESS TO THIS BLOCK.